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Like many business owners on a small hiring budget, Vanessa Merit Nornberg always handled screening potential hires internally. Buying into traditional thought, she believed that recruiters should be left for the big-wig corporations. Besides, recruiters are nothing but an additional expense when it comes to something she could do herself just as efficiently and effectively – right?

Wrong. Following a colleague's suggestion, Vanessa's line of thought changed. Skeptically, she decided to work with a recruiter when deciding her next hire for Metal Mafia – a wholesale body and costume jeweler, and a fellow Inc. 500 company. On top of servicing 5,000 specialty shops in 23 countries, Vanessa was burdened with personally going through the hiring process in a rather time-consuming fashion.

"I've tried everything from placing ads on large job boards like Monster.com… to local university boards where I can post for free…It has taken me up to five months to find the right kind of hire in the past."

Within a month of agreeing to work with a recruiter on an entry-level position within her company, Vanessa had ten resumes sitting on her desk ready to review. At this point, the value of working with a recruiter began to unfold before her eyes. Not only did Vanessa get the right candidates much faster, she was able to focus her time beyond a mountain of job applications and on other aspects of Metal Mafia.

"I screened six by phone, met three in person, and found the right hire – all in a month. The cost suddenly became much less, because I saved so much time in the process, and because I got a pool of applicants who were decidedly better to choose from than in the past."

What rings so true in regards to the major perk of working with a recruiter is evidenced through something a candidate told Vanessa during the screening process. When asked why she decided to work with a recruiter, the interviewee simply stated, "…because recruiters make sure your resume gets seen, while submitting via the Internet is like sending your resume into oblivion."

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